The Lion King

We’d booked tickets months ago to see The Lion King at London’s Lyceum Theatre. Part as a wedding anniversary present from Iain and I to each other and part because Rosie really got into this Disney film in a big way. We had been due to see it mid-October but with Rosie being unwell we had to postpone.

Sunday January 14, 2018, the day finally came. Cilla and Ron (Iain’s mum and dad) arrived at out house at 8:30am, it was easier to drive into London than to get the train (Rosie doesn’t travel light!). So we all packed into the car with a very excited Rosie.

We parked in China Town, took a short walk via Covent Garden and arrived just in time for lunch at Côte Brasserie, a stone’s throw from the Theatre.

We had about an hour to enjoy our meal and glass of wine before making our way over to the theatre. The staff on the door were amazing. As soon as they saw us in the queue they ushered us to the disabled access, took a look at our tickets and directed us straight to our seat – they were absolutely fantastic.

We ordered a drink at the bar, Iain took Rosie right to the front of the stage so she could see the inside of the theatre in all its glory and we then settled in our seats.

The disabled seat tickets we had were right at the back on the bottom floor so seeing the stage was pretty tricky for Rosie, however Iain and I had a seat either side of her – one next to the aisle and the other mid-row. Cilla and Ron had the two seats in front of us so we could all sit together. I sat in the aisle seat on the back row for the first half balancing Rosie on my left arm / arm of the chair so she could see the stage, and Iain swapped over for the second half and did the same.


The show was fantastic and Rosie did so well given it was a long day – even singing ‘circle of life’ throughout the show (and anyone who’s heard Rosie sing, knows she can belt out a tune when she wants to!), so we were desperately trying to quieten her down without dampening her spirits!

It was such a great adventure and so enjoyable taking Rosie out for days like this when there are lots of people to help with Rosie. HUGE thanks to Cilla and Ron for sorting out transportation, meals, buying drinks and even preparing a buffet for the car journey on the way home!

Rosie hasn’t stopped talking about it since we got back (although she has it in her head that we are going to see it again this weekend…followed by Disneyland the weekend after along with a Katy Perry concert! I have no idea where these ideas have come from and I don’t have the heart to tell her they’re not in our diary for the next fortnight … better start saving!

L x



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