Rosie’s Charity Ball (Part 1 – the run up!)

It’s been a little bit quiet here lately!

So much has happened since my last post on April 4 – a new job, family member, book launch and album recorded, birthday parties, weddings and family outings combined with the biggest event in the Clevedon calendar – Rosie’s inaugural Charity Ball!

There’s so much to catch up on, but first I just need to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Rosie’s Charity Ball. Those who helped organise, bought tickets, sponsored the event, donated amazing auction and raffle prizes or helped arrange them on our behalf and those who bid on them. To family and friends, local businesses, press and the community as a whole that really got behind the event and made it a HUGE success.

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Some of the local businesses supporting Rosie’s Charity Ball

Rosie’s Charity Ball was organised in less than three months by three ladies – myself and two friends I met at an antenatal group in 2013, Katherine and Grazyna. When we came up with the crazy idea over a bottle…or three…of wine about how we would try and make over £5,000 for charity, I don’t think any of us really knew what we were letting ourselves in for. It has been pretty hard work on top of full time jobs, family commitments, life and everything else but now it’s all over, we look back with love and gratitude and appreciate it was totally worth it (I speak on behalf of Katherine and Grazyna here!!).

20170527_230622L-R: Grazyna, Katherine & I

The run up to the event was hectic but really fun. Katherine, Grazyna and I met up almost every other Saturday and throughout the week too to sort things out, create plans, assign tasks, talk through ideas and just take it step by step. Their commitment was phenomenal. It really does need dedication, energy, confidence, time and the desire to make a difference and they both gave all this and so much more. I am so proud of the three of us for pulling this off!

20170601_182349Two weeks to go – sorting the final details with Lawrence from Clevedon Hall

Rosie’s Charity Ball mentions in North Somerset Times and Clevedon Living magazine

One week to go – table plans, place settings and final details!

Rosie’s Charity Ball took place last Friday – June 16, 2017. I can’t believe it was a week ago today already!

In the next blog post I’ll share lots of photos from the event and more about the night itself. For this post, I wanted to share more about the run up to the ball itself – it was almost just as fun!

As it happened…


Katherine, Grazyna and I get to Clevedon Hall and start set up. Place settings and gifts arranged, table plan in situ, roller banners out, auction and raffle prizes on display and a quick run through of the stages of the evening with Lawrence from Clevedon Hall.



12 noon

Katherine heads back to her house, she’s first up for make-up! The lovely make-up artist Sally Bracey from Portishead is going to make us look beautiful! Grazyna and I sort the raffle table and then head back to Katherine’s too.

20170616_135749Grazyna and the lovely make-up artist Sally  20170616_141312Make up…..tick!  

After make-up and pizza, I go home and pick up Rosie. Next stop, hair!


Rosie and I arrive at Price and Driscoll. A fantastic hair salon on Hill Road in Clevedon. Adam and Ben from Price and Driscoll have gone above and beyond to support Rosie’s Charity Ball. They not only offered to do our hairs (and our guest of honour’s Rosie) for the night, they have also given an awesome prize for the auction, given every single guest a special gift, displayed posters, bought a table of ten and could not have done any more to support it! They were super fantastic and there are no words to express how grateful we are for everything they did for us. They are AMAZING!




We all head back to our houses to get our dresses on before all meeting back at Clevedon Hall for the start of the night.


The super-talented, swing artist John Prescott arrives at Clevedon Hall as does Bristol’s best three-piece party band, Rumdog Billionaire ready to sound check and get ready for the night of awesome live music.


We all meet at 6pm to make sure everything is ready before guests start arriving at 7pm. We are so lucky to have Paul Huggens of Peachtree Photography join us to record all the special moments from the evening. Before guests start arriving, we have the opportunity to have a couple of family photo’s taken. These are our first ever professional photo’s we’ve ever had with Rosie and we LOVE them!


Our first ever professional family photo taken by Peachtree Photography

Rosie’s Charity Ball kicks off at 7pm …. see part 2 (coming next) for what happened next!

L x


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