Back in June 2016 and after a few months patiently waiting, Rosie finally had her first try in a Wizzybug.

A Wizzybug is an absolutely ingenious powered wheelchair invention that enables children under five who are unable to get around by themselves, the chance to gain independence, play, move and have fun.


The company behind it is Designability. Lucky for us they are located in Bath, not far from us, but we understand that families travel hundreds of miles across the UK to visit them.

Generally there is no NHS funding in the UK for powered mobility for disabled children under five, so Designability fundraise to make Wizzybugs available for free to these children in the UK. Each one costs £4,750 to build and maintain so they rely on donations from the public to support their truly awesome work.

A Wizzybug is provided on loan. You need to get onto their waiting list (the sooner the better!) and when one becomes available , you put down a £200 deposit which is returned when your child outgrows it and you return it. They then recondition the Wizzybug to its former glory and offer it to another family – amazing!

This was the first video Iain posted to Facebook on June 9, 2016 when Rosie experienced a wizzybug for the first time:

“Today was a big day for Rosie…. she got to go in her wizzybug for the first time. The look on her face when she first moved herself and realised she has independence was incredible. So much thanks to Designability for providing little people with the ability to move. One of the best charities ever! If you live near us make sure you wear your steel toe caps 🙂 “

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-23-29-00Rosie loves her Wizzybug and it has truly given her independence to explore the world around her on her own terms. It has also helped us make amazing memories and ultimately it makes her really happy.

Over the last few months during the cold snap, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been given exclusive use for an hour a week to the local church hall for Rosie to practice her three point turns – which is now really starting to pay off. On the quiet streets of Clevedon it’s a real joy to watch her play and move with other children for the first time.

Here’s Rosie and her lovely cousin Mylo over the weekend:


The controls are super sensitive so even Rosie’s weak touch can still move it. It’s such an amazing contraption and despite the months of 360 degree turns over and over she now gets it and has started to demand the high speed setting!

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Designability – what a fantastic company, transforming lives and bringing joy to children like Rosie.

If you are ever thinking about raising money for any charity, I highly recommend Designability. It has changed Rosie’s life in the most positive way along with so many others too.

Rosie is finally able to experience FREEDOM!!!

(Oh..and here’s Rosie featured on Designability’s Facebook page just before Christmas celebrating a happy #Wizzmas)


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