Falling face first

It was bound to happen one day and today was it. All I can say is lesson learned!

Iain and I have been getting more confident with Rosie’s sitting ability. She loves to sit on the edge of chairs, swinging her legs over the side and also showing us her impressive back straightening moves. She can manage about five to ten minutes of this at a time.

She’s been getting really good, but the one time … the one time… I took my eyes off her because I was too busy trying to capture the video for this blog she launches herself sideways and hurtled face first towards the floor.

I hate watching this video back (bad mother, bad mother, bad mother going through my head). I am just so thankful that she fell towards me. With the inability to put her arms out to break her fall she literally would have hit the floor head or face first, the rest of her body crumpling behind her. I dread to think the damage she could have caused herself. (Bad mother, bad mother still chipping away at me).

We’ve been teaching her for a long time to fall backwards if she is tired and feels like she needs to flop (which she often does). I’m glad to see she’s doing exactly what she’s told!!

This incident really scared her and she was physically shaken and upset (as were Iain and I). This was the first time anything like this has happened. We simply got too confident. I am pleased to report however that no serious damage was done, this time and I think and hope we’ve all learned a valuable lesson! Phew!

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