Bonfire night 2016

It was fireworks night yesterday.

We’d been talking all day about going to see them up on Dial Hill in Clevedon. As it got dark we asked Rosie whether she wanted us to walk, go in the car or the van to see the fireworks – the van won.

As we approached Dial Hill it was chaotic. The roads were on the verge of grid-lock, children and their parents congregated on pavements dancing their sparklers to spell out their names and form giant circles. People were everywhere and as we approached the entrance we could see the bright orange glow from the top of the bonfire roaring away further down the hill.

We eventually found a quiet road and parked up. As soon as Iain turned the engine off we looked at each other simultaneously and knew what the other was about to say…

“What on earth are we thinking!?”

It was seeing the smoke billow from the bonfire that did it. All day we had been getting too excited about the firework display to even recall the fact there was a massive bonfire there.

We couldn’t put her at risk inhaling bonfire smoke and surrounding her by sneezes, sniffing and coughing so we wrapped our coats tighter round us, put the music on and watched out for fireworks on the horizon from the comfort of the van discussing their colours, size and sound.


Rosie loved it in the van, laughing, singing and the three of us being together. After 20 minutes she told us she’d seen enough and wanted to go home. We were just a road away from our house when the firework display from Dial Hill exploded into action behind us. It was incredible. The fireworks were vast and brilliant.


We parked up. I got Rosie into her pushchair and we waited for Iain to take the van back to the house and run back to meet us. We were in the middle of Clevedon town, the church on the hill was beautifully silhouetted against the electric night sky. We were alone apart from a couple of cars passing us. We were cold but we were happy!


The evening hadn’t quite gone to plan, but I don’t think we’ll ever forget it. It really is true that sometimes the simple things can be the best, most meaningful things.

L x




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