Rosie’s first day at nursery

This was Rosie on her first official day at nursery without Iain or I there and she had a brilliant time hobnobbing with a TV star!


She now goes to Springboard every Friday morning. It’s only for 3 hours but it’s a start towards independence and spending time away from us.

Springboard is a fantastic nursery providing opportunities to children with disabilities and over the last year Iain has been taking her to ‘stay and play’ sessions each week so it’s familiar territory which has certainly made this nursery attendance easier.

On her first day Jodie Whittaker from Broadchurch popped in to say hello! Rosie entertained Jodie by singing an old favourite of hers … Humpty Dumpty!!


Putting Rosie in a nursery was a big decision for us, but 3 hours a week here feels safe and a first step to see how she gets on.

The risk of getting a cold from nursery could put Rosie in hospital for weeks. Picking up anything worse could be fatal. But as we often experience we have to weigh up quality of life versus risk – and so far she is having lots of fun every Friday morning. What more can we ask!


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